Design is about more than what it does for your goals;

it's about what it does for you too.

Great design is one thing, but what really matters is that the design resonates with you.

Working with Sand & Salt is a process that goes deeper than just design. We’ll dive into what drives you and what makes you feel most aligned with your business or personal goals.

The designs you use should be as unique as you are – you should feel like they resonate with your goals AND your target audience; because when you feel proud of what you’re putting out into the world, it shows.

Becoming A Sand & Salt Brand
Since you have your own unique set of goals and needs, your project won't look exactly the same as someone else's. However, there's a format I typically follow for design projects.

fill out an inquiry form with your relevant details so I can get an idea of what you’re looking for and how I can best work with you.  You’ll receive an email with a link to schedule a discovery call.

a half-hour zoom call (or phone call if you feel more comfortable!) where we will discuss more in-depth what your business and branding goals are along with your ideal timeline.  This will help me understand if we’re a good fit for each other and, if so, will provide the basis for me to put together a proposal and pricing.

based on what we discussed in our discovery call, I’ll put together an in-depth document including what kind of design or brand elements I’ll make for you (logo, instagram highlights, business cards, product label, etc.) along with the proposed timeline and price.  You’ll be able to respond with questions for potential tweaks to the scope of work before signing off on the contract and putting down your deposit.

Here’s where the magic really starts to happen! To create branding or designs that you can truly feel aligned with, I’ll need to gather more detailed information about you, your dreams and goals for your brand and business, your ideal clients/customers, and more.  I’ll also provide a link to create your very own Pinterest moodboard to help steer me in the right direction when I create initial branding concepts.  You’ll have a solid week to work on this, as it’s an important part of the process! We’ll also have another zoom call (~45 minutes) to really  dive into your business and personal goals as well as what makes you feel truly aligned.

I’ll get to work looking into pre-existing brands in your industry along with a competitive analysis to ensure that your branding will truly be as unique as you are and stand out among the crowd.  I’ll also create a refined moodboard based off of the one you put together and your responses to the branding worksheet.  Once I receive feedback from you regarding the moodboard, I start the official design process!

After I create a design concept, I’ll send it to you with a form for feedback.  Your feedback will help me make necessary changes to make sure that you truly feel aligned with and excited about the branding.  Each project allows three free rounds of revisions. 

If desired, additional rounds of revisions are available at my $35/hour rate.

Once you’ve accepted the final design and sent along the remainder of the project payment… drumroll please… I’ll send you all your official brand files along with your very own brand guidelines e-book!  This ebook will contain information on your brand’s color codes, intended usage for different logos and brand marks, and anything else related to your very own brand elements.  You’ll have two weeks of free support where you can reach out to me regarding any questions you have about using your branding.


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